Adult by Hollister stores, shoppers remain confused in the dark

Venturing into a clothes shop beloved teenagers can often be like entering a different world and experience of adults, it is bewildering that dragged hollister American fashion chain.
These stores are so dark, parents have complained stumble table, met fellow consumers, and can not see any clothes.

The brand is expanding throughout the country, but one of its newest store in Birmingham, Bullring Centre, hollister uk attracted a dissatisfied customer flow, including a mother who lost her daughter, because it was so dark.

Hollister, while the market itself for 14-18 year-olds, is an off-shoot of the Abercrombie & Fitch brand, set the lighting low to create a “club-like environment” complete with ear splittingly loud music.

Linda Watson, aged 51, ​​a mother from Sutton Coldfield, hollister unable to find her teenage daughter. “I went to look at other places, I just could not find her, I turned around, because it was so dark I had to stand up and give her a call,” she said.

Another clerk said Linda Peach, from Litchfield, staff, complained:. “When I was there it felt like I had vertigo I’ve never seen any place there is so much light is so dark I thought I was in a nightclub. when we walked in I was holding my daughter said, ‘do not miss me. “

Younger shoppers are not convinced. Du Tao 19 year-old daughter, Charlotte, a student, said: “You can not see the price and you keep running into people or tables.” Jiesihannuo, a 20-year-old Coventry, added: “this is dangerous, where people are hollister outlet uk constantly collide with each other which makes it so confusing: we buy something, and then, when we arrived, until it is a completely different price to what we think. “

Nick Bull, 30, Birmingham, summed up his experience of the store: “I do not see the size, I can not see the price, I can not see, until: I do not see that.”

Birmingham shoppers are not alone as a Facebook group has been established such a name, “Hollister, please turn your lights” and “Welcome to Hollister, like a torch?.”

A spokesman for the company declined to comment, but one worker said:. “It creates an atmosphere that allows you to hollister outlet come and hang out, while looking for some cool clothes, it gives a sense of the type of casino, where people can lost in a club-like environment, people relax and want to spend more. “

Despite the complaints, Hollister is retailing success story. It opened its first UK store in 2008, currently has 22, more surprises for hollister sale. Attractive young man approached on the street become a sales assistant - even though they are described as models” - and shirtless men employed by the door to greet customers. Shoppers make efforts to make the brand seem more desirable to queue outside.

Mary Portas, retail guru, said she was a fan of the brand, but warned that the store is not “anyone who likes careful hollister uk stores shopping, or those who are dim lighting annoyance.”

Consumer Ally Q&A: New Hollister jeans fell apart after one wash, now what?

Welcome to WalletPop’s Consumer Ally, where we are on your side — to help resolve difficult situations, explain why hollister sale things happen the way they do and to try to right wrongs. If you’re having a problem with a business, please send a note to

My daughter’s friend recently purchased hollister outlet uk jeans at Hollister. They fell apart after being washed. She tried to return them as they cost over $70. She was told that after they had been washed Hollister will not take a return. I called the corporate office on her behalf and was told that is Hollister policy. Do consumers have any rights on hollister outlet defective products such as these jeans?
Leah Shalna
A. The hallmark of top-flight customer service is being able to leave a bad situation and feel good. You don’t see that so much these days. It is certainly reasonable to expect that any jeans will survive their first wash. And it is reasonable to expect that if they do fall apart that you would get some compensation, if not a replacement.

So, I put it to Abercrombie & Fitch, which owns the Hollister brand.

The company’s response:
If a customer’s merchandise is not washing, wearing, or holding up properly, we definitely want to solve the problem. Our managers are trained on how to properly handle quality returns — they are aware that some products may not show an issue until they are washed.

We don’t have a repairs department, but customers are more than welcome to have it repaired locally and send us the original bill along with the original receipt. We reimburse the customer in the form of a gift card for the repairs about three weeks after we receive all the necessary information. Our customers typically hollister outlet appreciate this resolution.

For the few known quality issues, the corporate customer service team will facilitate the exchange/resolution process for the customer.

In a one-off quality claim — like the hollister uk stores one (above), the corporate customer service team promotes a relationship between the customer and the store management and does not get involved other than documenting the issue.
–Iska Hain, Abercrombie & Fitch

How did that play with the letter writer? No so well.

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Hollister Brand Information

Hollister Brand files

Chinese Name :Hollister

English name:Hollister Co.


Founded:July, 200

Headquarters: Abercrombie&Fitch Co., 6301 Fitch Path, New Albany, Ohio 43054

Flagship Store:SoHo District of New York City ( was built in the Spring of 2009)

Product Range: leisure clothing like T-shirt、hoodie、cowboy and the new fashion sports style in 2013,flip flops、perfume,headset,moblie phone sets, etc. Shop Hollister uk online.

Hollister Brand History

In 2000 July, with the concept of Laid-back California Surf Lifestyle, the first Hollister(Hollister Co.) brand shop opeaned in Easton town shopping center, the state of Ohio. At the same time, it invents a story called Hollister Co. which is more attractive than shopping, and Mr. J.M. Hollister created Socal in 1992 . Get Hollister outlet here.

In January 2006, Hollister Co. started the internationalization, and have expanded into Canada and the UK, now, Hollister (Hollister Co.) has more than 500 stores in the world. Buy Hollister sale right now! Hollister outlets are decorated in typical California beach house appearance, the clerk is full of young hotties, they all wear flip flops and Hollister sports  clothing.In the summer of 2007, A&F (Abercrombie&Fitch) spend $10 million setting up visual shock video walls in the lobby for all U.S. Hollister (Hollister Co.) shop, which could monitore California West Coast Surf Resort of Huntington Beach, all of this gives people a feeling of the West bank!

The differnce between Hollister dress and Mr. A&F is not great, but by virtue of different Brand position and market communication, it creats market segmentation sucessfully, and finnaly owns the affection of young people. Click to Hollister clothing and get surprises.

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